Kurulus Osman crew Message to our heroes in healthcare

Kurulus Osman crew Message to our heroes in healthcare fighting the Coronavirus.

Kurulus Osman cast: Burak Özçivit, Yigit Ucan(Boran), Alma Terzic(Sofia) Says “THANK YOU” to our healthcare workers👏👏❤️

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  1. may Allah heal everyone with Coronavirus and help the medical staff find the cure Inshallah. Coronavirus came from Allah as a punishment for disbelievers, especially for chinese who are killing Muslims!!! may Allah guide everyone to the correct path and Religon (ISLAM) miracles are happening birds flying around mecca if there is no people there are birds. Allah said they are no more prophets but never said no more miracles. i’m not trying to be racist but see your religion is it real is it helping you or is it destroying our world i’m just trying to help everybody not insult anyone but really think why bad things are happening to us let me tell you guys one more thing i think this was in London or Italian Muslims started praying on the streets and disbelievers started praying with them women wrapped scarf around there heads the stared praying. why did they do this because they know Islam is the right religon. again may allah heal everybody with coronavirs amen. maybe just follow Islam see how your life is better.

    1. Assalamu Alaikum, I have really enjoyed Kuruluş Osman series so far, may Allah bless the actors, actresses, the whole team with lots of good wishes. It was good to watch the rituals of Osman Bey’s wedding parts of which depicted Bollywood movies. The more the authentic specific to Turkish Traditions the better💕

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